Top 5 Best Solar Power Bank Reviews in 2021

Here you can find the best solar power bank that is using great technology, portable, strong and easy to use. We have done a research and compiled the 5 best solar power banks you can buy in 2016.

We have been lucky to find the best solar power bank that has features like using great technologies, fast charging, flashlight, portable, strong and easy to use. The power bank is an accessory that is so popular in recently as the dramatic increment of smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. It is used when you are unable to access the wall outlet for charging your devices. However, sometimes you might experience your power bank also running out of the battery and you can’t even reach the electricity elsewhere. That’s it! the sunlight can be a power source, the solar charger can convert them for charging your device.

As a result, by combining the power bank and solar charger you will never go into a worse situation again. The solar power bank will be your infinite power source for charging your device. There are a lot of solar power banks out there that can recharge itself via the sunlight. Read on to find out our five recommended solar power banks.

Best Solar Power BanksCapacity
GRDE 15000mAh Solar Power Bank15,000 mAh
ALLPOWERS 12000mAh Solar Battery Charger12,000 mAh
iBeek 12000mAh Solar Power Bank12,000 mAh
Innoo Tech 10000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank10,000 mAh
Matone 10000mAh USB Solar Power Bank10,000 mAh

1 GRDE 15000mAh Solar Power Bank

GRDE Solar Power Bank

First of all, for those who enjoy traveling in various situation, then this is the solar power bank for you. It provides 15000mAh high capacity and compatible with most smartphones, tablets including iPad and other 5V USB devices. It’s bigger solar panel can recharge the battery itself under direct sunlight in the case that you can’t charge via the outlet. It is integrated with 4 LED indicators to show the current power status and 6 LED flashlight for  light up in darkness.

2 ALLPOWERS 12000mAh Solar Battery Charger

3. ALLPOWERS 12000mAh Solar Battery Charger

ALLPOWERS claimed to be the best solar charger brand that can provide a better power and technology. With the iSolar and Fast charging technology allows this solar power bank to deliver the fastest charge up to 3.5 amps. The solar charger can provide power up to 5V-200mA when it stays under the strong sun and may take about 45 hours for fully charge the battery. The power status can be shown with 4 LED indicators and It also has a LED flashlight for light up at night.

3 iBeek 12000mAh Solar Power Bank

iBeek 12000mAh Solar Power Bank

This iBeek solar power bank features a superior portability design, 12000mAh battery capacity and a compact solar panel that used for recharge itself under a direct sunlight with the power of 2W. It has dual USB charger ports while 2.1A port for charging iPad or other tablets and 1.0A port for charging smartphones and other devices. It has 6 LED bright flashlight that works great in the darkness and the power status can be displayed via its 4 LED indicators. It also includes a hook for easily hang it on your backpack great for your outdoor activities.

4 Innoo Tech 10000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank

5. Innoo Tech 10000mAh USB Solar Charger

We can’t control the weather, sometimes the sun is shining but sometimes it even darkness and raining. If you want to solve this mess, this Innoo Tech waterproof solar power bank will be your perfect choice. This product has been passed the IPX5 Level specification. Along with its PowerSmart technology, it can deliver the fastest charging current for your devices. Furthermore, it also has 9 LED light with the diffuser that is so bright and works great in the dark area.

5 Matone 10000mAh USB Solar Power Bank

Matone 10000mAh USB Solar Power Bank

Same here for the Matone USB solar power bank. It equipped with a compact solar panel that could recharge the battery itself under sunlight for the emergency purpose while outdoor. Just like the others, Its solar panel can provide the power of 5V/200mA when you keep in a direct strong sunlight. It also has dual USB ports while the first port output 5V/1.0A and second port output 5V/2.1A.


In conclusion, you should know that if the internal temperature of the battery inside the power bank increase then it will cause negative effects to the battery. And, It will shorten the battery lifespan itself. Therefore, every solar power banks you should take it out of the sunlight while it has been charged about 75%. We hope you will find one solar power bank in those five solar power banks, we recommended.

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