Top 10 Best Computer Desk Reviews in 2021

From our reviews, Here are the top rated and best Computer Desks that make your work become even more comfortable and productive. Check it out to buy the best Computer Desk in 2016!

Computer desks come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. How then do you select the best one for you? There are many things to put into consideration before getting yourself a computer desk. Remember that you don’t just need a flat surface for placing your computer. Comfort is key as you might be spending most of your day here. The best computer desk should be of the right height depending on the user, leaving enough leg room. Your hands should also comfortably rest on the desk while at work. You might consider going for desks with an adjustable leg height for versatility.

Also, ensure that your chair fits well under the desk so that you sit at a comfortable distance from your keyboard. Monitor placement on your desk should be approximately an arm’s length from the edge of the desk. Computer desks come in different layouts: L-shaped, U-shaped, corner desk or rectangular design. Ensure that the design you go for works with the space you have and that it suits your work style. It is also advisable to go for a desk that is easily adaptable to different environments.
Below are reviews of the top 10 best computer desks:

1. Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk

Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk

Made using PVC tubes, the efficient computer desk provides space for your computer’s system unit, your portable printer, and any other stationery. It is firm and stable when placed on a flat surface and is recommended for use in a small room with limited space for one’s desktop computer.

2. L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

The L-shaped computer desk has a classy and elegant look having being made from good quality wood. Its frame is firm and it has a keyboard drawer and space for one’s tower computer. The desk is good for use in home offices as it gives on all the space he/she needs to put everything.

3. Cabot Collection Corner Desk

Cabot Collection Corner Desk

A simple and classy desk, this PC table features a box drawer for storing one’s supplies, a file drawer which can support up to A4 sized documents and a charging station good for mobile phones, mp3 players, and cameras. The back of the corner desk has a ventilated panel that allows for cooling.

4. Student Computer Desk

Student Computer Desk

This computer table is sturdy enough to support all your table components as it has been made out of sturdy wood and rigid materials. A drawer has been added to let one put away items that don’t fit on the desk ensuring that it remains tidy. The desk comes with an instruction manual that shows how to assemble it.

5. Tribe signs Modern Stylish Computer Desk

Tribe signs Modern Stylish Computer Desk

For those who prefer a simple table, then this is the computer furniture for you. It provides one with sufficient space to place the desktop monitor and other peripherals and leaves quite a big space just beneath it to enable one to safely put the computer’s system unit. Its frames have been made from steel which makes it strong.

6. Glass L-Shape Computer Desk with Silver Frame Finish

Glass L-Shape Computer Desk with Silver Frame Finish

Another L-shape desk, its unique look, and design give it an edge over others if you are looking for something that stands out. Its silver coat makes it look elegant and its glass surface that has been tempered completes that classy touch. Its floor guides have the ability to level themselves and it also provides enough space to put all your desk components on it.

7. Glass Computer Desk w/ Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

Glass Computer Desk w/ Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

The glass computer desk has blended a woody traditional look with a modern glassy look which makes it amazing for enthusiasts of class. It is suitable for use as an office computer desk. The desk provides the exact amount of space a desktop PC needs and comes with a keyboard drawer.

8. Acme 00118 Vincent Computer Desk, Silver

Acme 00118 Vincent Computer Desk, Silver

The compartments of this wonderful piece have been left open to enable electric cords to pass through it easily. It has a stylish silver finishing coupled with space that is enough for your desktop or laptop. A sliding tray for a keyboard has also been included. This is probably the best computer desk with hutch that you can find.

9. Clifton Black Computer Desk

Clifton Black Computer Desk

The Clifton black computer desk fits well as an office computer desk as it provides one with the surface to write while consequently using his/her PC. A shelf has been added at the bottom to accommodate a printer and the computer’s system unit.

10. Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk

This L-shaped corner computer desk fits well in any space saving much-needed space in a room. Two grommets have been added to it to manage all cords that pass through the desk while open shelves have been placed on both sides of the desk to enable you to store your books and other documents.


How do you decide which desk layout to go for? Each desk layout has its pros and cons. U-shaped desks require a lot of space but creates different operating zones and still allows you to keep everything within reach. It will also allow you to stretch out. L-shaped desks have the benefits of the U-shaped models but they require lesser space. Corners desks are the best option when you are looking to save on space. They are also versatile but you will find yourself facing corners most of the time. Straight desks can be placed at any point in the room. However, they do not offer much space. Armoires are perfect for open spaces or the bedroom but they also do not offer much space.

The above-reviewed computer desks have proved to be reliable and efficient when it comes to the comfort they give those who have got to use them. Feedback from customers is positive and one will surely not be disappointed by any of the above. All that is left for you is to use your wits and find yourself one that suits you.

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